Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Starting now!

Okay, I have definitely neglected this blog. I could have been posting for months now but haven't. It takes time and effort to craft, take pictures, and post everything to Etsy. That leaves little energy for blogging. But here I am! I promise to try and blog a few times a week - especially when I have new products up! Yesterday, I posted two pairs of cupcake clippies. I had to make some clippies to go along with my cupcake obsession of course. Here they are:

They are still available in my shop. I also have two lots of appliques/rhinestones/buttons/cabochons to destash. I'm offering them at far lower prices than others' destashes. Usually a destash lot of padded appliques costs 10 cents for each applique. But I am offering a lot of 75 for $6.50 and a lot of 50 at $4.00. It's a mix of this and that and I need it gone. I also need to restock on supplies here soon so that I can continue to create. Any suggestions for things you'd like to see in my shop? Don't hesitate to let me know!!

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