Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Hi everyone! I am just delving into the world of blogging and it seems all so overwhelming! I guess that is mostly due to my thinking of it as a job. But my desire is to connect with other people who enjoy crafting and share ideas and inspiration. I'm hoping it will be my little escape but also wonder how I can fit blogging in with crafting and taking care of 5 month old twins and my 7 month old daughter! Should be interesting! Right now, I am having a lot of fun making clippies but my collection is amassing! I haven't sold as much as I would like to. I'm hoping this blog will help me bring visitors to my shop in hopes of getting my products out there to little princesses everywhere! I need to add some more clippie/bow/pony o holders. If only there were a craft store closer to home! Perhaps I can make some time tomorrow on my day off to meander to Hobby Lobby...hehe. I could spend hours upon hours there! Well, I hope that you enjoy following me on my crafting adventures and will check out my shop @ ! Thanks for reading!

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