Saturday, October 3, 2009


I decided to change it up today and do a feature on my favorite soap maker on Etsy, burntmill! I asked her a few questions and am posting a few of my favorite soaps of hers! Enjoy!

How long would have you been making soaps?
-I would say about 3 years, give or take now.

What first got you interested in taking a soap class?
-I started with a candle making class at a local community college. Then a few years later, the same teacher was teaching how to make melt and pour soaps so I signed up. I didn't like the melt and pour soaps to start with because you use a pre-made base and I just felt like I wanted to do more so I started to research cold process soap making. By doing cold process soaps, I am able to pick what oils and properties go into my soap. It is more hands-on, which I like.

Do you currently use more than one soap making process? If so, which is your favorite?
-I currently make both cold process soaps and melt and pour glycerin soaps. They both have advantages I like but I would lean towards the cold process as my favorite.
Do you have a favorite soap of yours?
-I would have to say Black Raspberry Vanilla is my favorite. That is the scent that started me really wanting to make the cold process soaps. i had gotten a bar of it from another soap maker in a gift exchange and was blown away by how great it smelled. So, I would say that is always my go to scent.

Any soaps you have in the works or ideas for soaps you'd like to make?
-Well, this weekend I will be making a custom batch of Black Licorice soap for a good friend. He has requested it to be pure white with little black jojoba spheres throughout the entire soap. I am getting pretty excited to see that one. Beyond that, I am seeing one that is chocolate mixed with another scent like coconut, marsmallow, raspberry, or ??? I haven't exactly decided yet.

Now onto some of my favorite soaps :-)
Blue Raspberry Icee

Summer Medley


  1. Love the interview! Burntmill is wonderful in so many ways.

  2. The Blue Raspberry Icee looks GOOD! I like the colors.